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Wine yeast ICV D21®

fermentation yeast ICV D21


A yeast selected to bring aromatic and freshness of taste to quality wines.  It favours fermentation of ripe berries that have a high sugar concentration. 


Saccharomyces cerevisiae was isolated in the Languedoc terror of the Pic Saint Loup, and possesses the killer factor.


Principal uses of the yeast


- in red, white and rosé wines: to increase aromatic freshness and minerality, to reveal the full expression and complexity of your grapes

 - as a delay mechanism on the malolactic fermentation, allowing improved management of the programmes of micro-oxygenation in red wines.


Complementarity in blending


Complementaritty with the yeasts ICV D254® andt ICV D80®  in red wines offers multiple possibilities in blending.

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