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Consultancy on Conditioning processes

Bottling experts of the ICV Group offer services and analysis to ensure optimal preparation of your wines and a reliable conditioning process.


Diagnosis, advice and monitoring of your bottling process

Our services: adapt your process, or that of your providers, to achieve your product goals and ensure their effective implementation.

. Identification of areas for improvement, formalisation of procedures

. Monitoring of best practice and recommendations: preparation of wines, checks on bottling chains.

. Expertise on dissolved oxygen, hygiene


Plans for analytical control and wine analysis

To secure the bottling and stability of your wines:

. Plans for testing before and after bottling, adapted to the providers, products, circuits and containers.

. Analysis before bottling to assess the stability of the wine and any necessary treatment

. Post-bottling analysis to validate the choice of packaging methods


Solids: advice on choices, tests and analyses

Guidance on the selection of dry matter, tests and analyses:

  • Study of closure methods
  • Advice in drafting specifications
  • Grading of batches of corks
  • Expertise (bottles, leakage ...)
  • Sensory analysis of the bottled wines


The ICV Group has a laboratory accredited for testing of caps and bottles; competent for studies on corking, cork and synthetic stoppers, screw caps, BIB ...


Training in good packaging practices

Bottling experts offer a catalogue of services or customized programmes, at a distance or directly by visits to your business.

The ICV Group is an organization of qualified trainers under the professional label of OPQF.


Packaging quality accompaniment

Support in your HACCP procedures, IFS, BRC ...

Packaging service: the experience of a winery in Pomerols (Hérault)

To increase quality and optimize the use of their bottle and BIB packaging chains, the Costieres de Pomerols (34) team appealed to bottling and packaging experts at the ICV Group.

They received audit, training and consulting services: solutions that have allowed the winery to progress. View the video testimony:



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