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Wine yeast ICV OPALE 2.0®

Wine yeast ICV OPALE 2.0®

A yeast selected to enhance freshness and exotic fruit notes in white and rosé wines. ICV Opale® 2.0 is also a result of the collaborative work between ICV, Lallemand, Sup'Agro and INRA, and therefore, doesn't produce SO2, produces very low amounts of sulfur off flavors and very low levels of acetaldehyde.



Saccharomyces cerevisiae, possesses the killer K2 factor.


Main uses


In rosé and white premium wines:

- favors intense and complex fresh fruity aromas (citrus fruit, exotic fruits, white flowers, lychee, black currant, strawberry), especially when fermenting above 16°C

- develops volume and softness in the mouth

- stabilizes the fruity profile during ageing





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