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Wine yeast ICV K1®M

Levure œnologique ICV K1 Marquée

Selected to improve the reliability of alcholic fermentation in difficult cellar conditions : high temperatures, large vats, high pressure of the indigenous microflora.


Saccharomyces cerevisiae, isolated in 1972 in the Languedoc by Pierre Barre (INRA Montpellier), possesses the killer factor, and was registered as a brand in 1987.


Principal uses of the yeast

.- in white and rosé wines: to produce a fresh organoleptic style and an amylic type.

- in red wines: floral and fresh fruit, aromatic and taste caracteristics  of young red wine.


It is the the most widespreadly used oenological yeast in the world: for example by industrial producers in Argentina and the United States, to limit the indirect costs of fermentation: the length of storage in vats, the height of the froth, the finalisation of sugars, and volatile acidity.

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