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Oak for winemaking and wine ageing

What sensations do you prefer when tasting your wine?

Fruity wines with a soft, full mouth? Vanilla notes? Volume in the mouth? A white with notes of exotic fruits? A round red, complex and powerful?

Whatever your aesthetic objective and positioning of your product, you will find the appropriate wood product  in the range offfered by the ICV Group. Our oenologist consultants are at your service to carry out trials.

Always in search of innovative solutions for its members and customers, in 2015 the ICV Group launched a campaign on a new range of wood for oenology in partnership with Seguin Moreau.


A reference on cooperage in the world of wine, Seguin Moreau has developed a wide range of alternatives in recent years. Seguin Moreau teams are recognized for their expertise in the selection of wood and remarkable know - how on synergies between wine and oak.

Tests conducted in our experimental winery have allowed us to build a wide range of alternative products adapted to the objectives of winemakers around the Mediterranean and the Rhone Valley.


The new range selected by the ICV Group offers a range of solutions for wine, from woodchips to staves, for use in vinification and ageing:

  • OENOFIRST and OENOFINISHER (compacted woodchips)
  • OENOCHIPS  woodchips
  • OENOBLOCK dominoes
  • OENOSTAVE staves

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