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Services and products for winemaking

Enology consulting  ICV Group

Wine Consulting, oenology (winemaking, ageing, packaging), wine analysis, training, winemaking products ...

The ICV Group offers the professional a range of services and products for each stage of winemaking process.

Who are our customers?

Cooperatives and private wineries, traders, bottling companies, professional bodies and any company in the wine industry, both in France and abroad.


What are our services?

Whilst oenological services (analysis and consulting) are the heart of our business, the evolution of the wine market and the changing needs of winemakers have led us to develop new services:


In practice, the ICV Group offers 5 trades at your service!

wine tasting ICV Group



Wine ICV Group Training


Oenological ICV Group Products

Winemaking products

Research and Development Group ICV experiments

Research and development



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