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Cork, BIB and bottle analyses

Deposits, pouring bottles, unwanted tastes such as musty or chemical (plastic), caps that do not allow the preservation of wine; nonconformities related to corks and stoppers are multiple. The consequences are technical but also commercial.

Committed to accompany you in risk prevention, the ICV Group offers tools to monitor and analyse the dry material used (bottles, corks, ... BIB).

Did you know?
-the ICV Group is an impartial body, independent and at the leading edge in bottling wines
-a laboratory dedicated to capping and packaging analysis
-accreditation by COFRAC granted since June 2005 for physical and mechanical tests on corks
-20 years' experience on analyses of caps and bottles
The laboratory and its accreditation number: laboratory sealing and packaging (No. 1-1626).
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