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This website is edited by GIE ICV-VVS
La Jasse de Maurin
34970 LATTES

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Publisher :

Olivier MERRIEN, General manager
Phone : 04 67 07 04 90
Fax : 04 67 07 04 95

Publication manager :

Eric BONTEMPS, Deputy General Manager



Easi Services 34970 LATTES


The GIE-ICV VVS makes every attempt to ensure the correctness and updating of the information included on this website, in which it reserves the right to correct the content, at any time and without prior notice. 
It notifies the visitor that he/she has a responsibility to check the information by other means.

As a consequence, the GIE ICV-VVS denies all responsability for lack of precision, incomplete facts or omission of information available on the site; for any damage resulting from a fraudulent attack of a third party having modified information available on the site; and more generally, for all damage, direct or indirect, whatever may be the cause, origin, nature or consequence provoked by the access of a person to the site, or for blocked access, as well as the use of the site and/or creit given to any information originating directly or indirectly from the latter.

In addition, unless the contrary is stated,  the intellectual property rights to documents contained on this website, and each element created for the website are the exclusive property of GIE ICV-VVS or its providers, these conceding no licence or any right than the right to consult the site.

The reproduction of any documents published on the website is only authorised for personal and private use.  All reproduction and use of copies for other purposes is expressly forbidden, unless written authorisation has been granted by those who created the document.
All brands quoted in the site belong to their respective companies.

All products, logos, and images used in the pages of this website are the property of their respective brand.

It is the responsibility of internet users to take every appropriate measure to protect their material, data or software  against computer viruses circulating on the network.  The GIE ICV-VVS will not in any situation be held responsible for damage caused by a virus while a person is connected to their website.
The GIE ICV-VVS  declines all responsibility for difficulties encountered while accessing its site or for any other communication failure.

Personal data

The personal data that the GIE ICV-VVS could collect would be from voluntary entry of an email address by an internet userser in order to receive documentation, or to seek information about any point. This data is never communicated to a third party. Certain pages of this site are only available by using an access code and password. The access codes and passwords are confidential.  You are responsible for the consequences of their use. It is therefore your responsibility to take every available measure  to ensure the security and confidentiality of the same.  You are obliged to inform the GIE ICV-VVS of any fraudulous use of your access code and password as soon as you are aware of it. The number of attempts to enter the site or the secured pages is limited. The GIE ICV-VVS reserve the right to suspend your access to the site in case of fraudulent use or attempts to use it fraudulently.

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