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Research and Development

Since its creation in 1946, the activity of the ICV Group is based on the continual ongoing work of research and development.
Its objective: to provide players in the wine industry with techniques and tools that assist them to respond to changing markets, improve quality and efficiency and anticipate new challenges.

New oenological practices, innovative technologies, new regulatory requirements, environmental requirements, food security, adaptation to climate change ... Each of our projects echoes one or more of these factors of change.

The R & D projects of the ICV Group concern viticulture, winemaking, ageing, wine products, analysis, bottling, quality and sustainable development.


Ressources adapted to the challenges of the sector

  • Active Standby: the ICV Group builds its programmes from the field returns (producers, oenologists ...) as well as from a national and international intelligence network.
  • Partnerships: to benefit from the most innovative techniques, we develop partnerships with private research organizations or companies (INRA, IRSTEA ...).
  • Collaborative projects: the wine and enological research are at the heart of Projects between Regions and the State, national groups, the Qualiméditerranée cluster ...
  • The experimental winery: an advanced facility with teams making up to 300 mini vinifications every year.
  • The analysis laboratories: microbiology laboratories, oenological analyses, chromatographic analyses, capping and bottling.
  • Partners : Our experiments are validated in the field, including in the facilities of partner wineries.

Result: Information and innovation for efficient production and quality

  • The R & D department of the ICV Group regularly brings new data to the wine industry.
    The experimental winery is, for example, a great observatory to understand each new vintage. Consultants of the ICV Group can advise their clients on the basis of recent and reliable information.
  • The development of innovation with the implementation of new practices or the design and launch of new products.

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