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Wine yeasts

The ICV Group has selected a comprehensive range of wine yeasts for quality vinification and for producing wines that respond to market expectations.

Yeasts adapted to different wine profiles

To meet your product goals, oenologist consultants of the ICV Group advise you on your choice of yeasts. In addition to the organoleptic advantages, the use of active dry yeast allows you to better control your alcoholic fermentation, optimise your work in the winery and manage your sales requirements.


We have especially selected yeasts meeting the specificities of grapes and wineries in the Mediterranean zone and Rhône area: high concentration of sugars, low available nitrogen content, important competition of native flora and diversity of grape varieties.


Reliable and efficient yeast

Yeasts are isolated and tested by the Research & Development team: with over 30 years of experience in the selection of yeasts!


Our yeasts are produced, dried and packaged by Lallemand, a major player in the manufacturing of biotechnology on the wine market. They are used in France and in vineyards around the world (California, Italy, Spain, Chile, Australia, South Africa, Argentina ...).


Natural yeasts, fully compliant with regulatory standards

Our yeasts are natural and have not been subjected to any genetic manipulation.

They comply with the Oenological Codex published by the OIV and with the FAO food standards.

Yeasts that conform to the European organic winemaking rules are identified by a specific logo:

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