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Wine yeast ICV D254®

Wine yeast ICV D254®

A yeast selected for its capacity to help develop mature aromatic compounds, rich, round and concentrated tannic sensations with high fore-mouth volume in red Mediterranean wines.


Saccharomyces cerevisiae isolated in 1988 in Gallician (30) by ICV.  It is neutral with respect to the killer (K2 factor).


Main uses

. red Mediterranean, Ultra-Premium and Icon wines, for mature aromas, intense and concentrated, for strength in the mouth with smooth tannins

. red wines for the Premium market, to help soften and cover vegetal characteristics of grapes that are not completely ripe

. white, high-range wines, fermented in barrels, to develop mature aromatic and sensorial buttery characteristics


Complementary for blending

In red Ultra-Premium and Icon markets, wines fermented with ICV D254® are often used as a complement to  ICV D21® and ICV D80® fermented wines, to favor mature and concentrated aromas, middle palate structure and soft tannins. 



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  • ICV D254 YSEO

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