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Wine yeast ICV D254®

Wine yeast ICV D254®

A yeast selectioned for developing aromatic mature, comple, concentrated characteristics and taste of red medterranean wines.


Saccharomyces cerevisiae was isolated in 1988 in Gallician (30) by the ICV.  It is neutral with respect to the killer factor.


The principal uses of the yeast

. red mediterranean, top of the market wines : for mature aromas, mild and concentrated, for strength in the mouth and gentle tannins

. red wines for the middle market, to soften and cover vegetal characteristics of grapes that are not completely ripe

. white, high-market wines fermented in barrels, to develop aromatic and sensorial characteristcs of butter


Complementarities in blending

In red, high-market wines, the yeast ICV D254® is often used as a complement to  ICV D21® and ICV D80®, to favour mature and concentrated aromas, strength in the mouth and soft tannins. 

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  • ICV D254 YSEO

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