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Enzymes for extraction and wine clarification

The ICV Group has 25 years of experience in the selection of effective oenological enzymes and today offers a complete range.

Our unique goal: to promote a healthy process and productive winemaking.

Our enzymes are tailored to your product targets

On the use of clarification, extraction, in solid or liquid form ... winemakers of the ICV Group advise you on your choice of enzymes.


Reliable and efficient enzymes

Our enzymes are selected and tested for each vintage by the Research & Development team of the ICV Group, with over 25 years of experience in the application of enzymes in winemaking.

Our enzymes are produced, purified and pelletized by Novozymes, the world leader in the production of enzymes.


Natural enzymes and full compliance

The enzymes are natural and produced by Aspergillus Niger having been subject to no genetic manipulation.

They are compliant with EU Regulation, with the oenological Codex published by the OIV, and with food standards of the FAO, particularly in relation to monitoring of the presence of heavy metals and fungal toxins.

The ICV enzymes conform to European organic winemaking rules for authorised uses of clarification of musts and wines.

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