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Wine bacteria for malolactic fermentation

The ICV Group has selected a range of oenological bacteria adapted to Mediterranean conditions in winemaking for fast and quality malolactic fermentation, thus meeting market requirements.

Bacteria adapted to your type of wine

The ICV bacteria allow you to control your malolactic fermentation on all types of wine colors: red, white or rosé but also in sometimes unfavourable fermentation conditions:PH acidity, potentially high alcoholic levels, thermovinification ...


The ICV bacteria are easy to use, with two available technologies:

- MBR: direct innoculation without prior rehydration

- 1-step ®: reacclimatise bacterium in the presence of a bacterial activator for 24 hours, thereby promoting greater implantation.

The packages are available for different vinified volumes (25hl, 250 hl, 500 hl) depending on the strain.


Reliable and efficient bacteria

Bacteria are selected and tested by the Research & Development team of the ICV Group, with over 15 years of experience in malolactic fermentation.

Our bacteria are produced, freeze-dried and packaged by Lallemand, a major player in the manufacturing of biotechnology on the wine market. They are used in France and in wine regions around the world (California, Italy, Spain, Australia, ...).


Natural bacteria and full compliance

The Oenococcus oeni bacteria are natural and have not been subjected to any genetic manipulation.

They comply with the Oenological Codex published by the OIV, the FAO food standards and in the case of EliosBlanc and Elios1, they are in line with the European organic winemaking rules.

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