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Fermentation activators (protectors and nutrients) and inactivated yeasts

Nutritional yeast contributes to a successful process of alcoholic fermentation. The activity and viability of yeasts depend in effect on nutrient content and survival factors of the must.

For a rapid and complete fermentation, ICV Group offers nutrients rich in available nitrogen (Fermaid ®  range) and yeast protectors (Goferm ® Protect).

Moreover, in addition to selected natural yeasts and their nutrients, dry inactivated yeasts (Booster ® and Noblesse ® ranges) consist of powerful tools to optimise the sensory profile of your wine and limit the risks of organoleptic deviations.


Activators: for rapid and complete fermentation

The Mediterranean and the Rhône musts are regularly deficient in nitrogen. This deficiency is variable depending on the grape varieties and vintages and is expressed even more when the sugar concentration is high.

Beyond the negative sulfur odours linked to nutritional stress in yeast, uncorrected nitrogen deficiency is often the cause of stuck fermentation or stuck fermentation. These situations are associated with risk of organoleptic deviations.


How can we mitigate these risks?


Fermentation activators are at your service:

- the nitrogen nutrients range - Fermaid ®

yeast protectors (Goferm ® Protect) reinforce the yeast to improve its tolerance to alcohol and ensure a better implantation.


Inactivated yeast: positive effects on the sensory profile of wine

Inactivated dry yeast is added to the must or wine in vats or barrels. The compounds released during their autolysis are very favorable to the sensory qualities of your products (aromas, volume, texture ...),  facilitate ageing and limit organoleptic risks (oxydation, sulfur odours ...).

Look for these products: Punchy,  Booster ® , Noblesse ®   


Nutrients, activators and reliable and efficient inactivated yeast

These products are tested and selected by the Research & Development team at ICV, rich with over 50 years of experience in the control of fermentation.

They are produced by Lallemand, a major player in the manufacturing of biotechnology on the wine market.

They are derived from natural yeast and have not been the subject of any genetic modification. They are compliant with the oenological Codex published by the OIV and with FAO food standards.

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