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Service contracts

Contracts for vine and wine services  –  ICV group

Dedicated to winemakers who are focussed on their market and engaged in a successful and quality production, the service contract covers all technical services essential to the development of the wine, from the vine to the marketing of your products.

Personalised services

As every winery is different, we adapt, according to your needs and your goals, the nature of our services and the means implemented in your service contract.

Our approach is divided into two stages:

  • We listen to you in order to understand your product objectives, your needs, your organisation, your projects.
  • We offer you a customised solution, flexible and evolving over time

Involvement from vine to glass

Depending on your needs and projects, ICV consultants offer their support:

  • in the vineyard: before harvest (parcel selection, checking maturity, tasting the grapes ...) and throughout the year
  • in the cellar: advice and monitoring during the processes of winemaking and aging, plan of analytical controls, analysis, expertise on dissolved oxygen, wine fining
  • on bottling: advice and monitoring on the conditioning process, plan of analytical control, pre / post bottling and bulk material analyses.
  • on marketing: positioning your wines on the market, technical support for meetings with buyers and prescribers, analyses (export, compliance, competition).

Technology checks and support in innovation

  • Technology checks: regular information on technical developments, invitation to technical meetings, presentations of Vintages, regulatory monitoring in oenology ...
  • Innovation: study your projects, definition of experimental protocols, conducting tests in experimental winery
Our service contracts are offered to cooperatives and private cellars


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