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Analyses with certificates

Our aim: to ensure your product reaches the market thanks to analyses performed under accreditation.

Secure analyses by a system of management of dynamic quality


ICV Group laboratories have been committed for over 25 years to a quality approach and are accredited by COFRAC since 1993 according to the NF ISO / IEC 17025.

The laboratories and their accreditation numbers: Toulouges (No. 1-0517), Carcassonne (No. 1-0516), Narbonne (No. 1-0518), Béziers (n°1-0502), Maurin (No. 1 -0501), Nîmes (No. 1-0185), Ruoms (No. 1-0504), Beaumes de Venise (No. 1-0566) Brignoles (No. 1-0503).

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The ongoing commitment of our experts to institutions guarantees an offer of reliable and up to date analytical services:

  • an expert sits on the OIV Sub-Committee for methods of analysis
  • two technical evaluators are members of COFRAC
  • one represetative is member of the Technical Commission of agri-food and biology accreditation (CTA AAB) of COFRAC

Reactivity and Competitiveness

The electronic signature of COFRAC analysis reports provides great responsiveness by immediate availability of results.

The pricing of COFRAC analysis is identical to standard analyses (excluding export).


Analyses under accreditation

The analytical laboratories of the ICV Group are accredited by the INAO and France Agrimer.

  • inspection analyses by COFRAC

Example: inspection checks on batches of bottles after conditioning, on condition of accreditation. These practices allow a right to appeal as these analyses are enforceable against a third party in case of disputes.

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