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Fermentation activator: Goferm®Protect


Goferm®Protect is a fermentation activator, 100% yeast origin.

Its role is to reinforce yeasts directly, in order to improve their tolerance of alcohol and ensure a better survival with lower production of sulfur off flavors.

Goferm®Protect is particularly effective in situations where fermentation is at risk (low turbidity, extreme temperatures, high sugar concentration...). It does not replace nitrogen supply in cases of deficiency in the must but does help the yeast to retain vitality and viability.


The principal assets of Goferm®Protect :

  • Added to the rehydration water of the yeast, Goferm®Protect liberates sterols and oligo-elements to be adsorbed by the yeasts, to limit risks of sluggish or stuck fermentation.
  • limits risks of sensorial faults
  • optimizes the management of your vats and the work in the winery with a shorter AF


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