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Inactivated yeast Noblesse®

Inactivated yeasts - Noblesse®

Noblesse® is a nutrient for yeasts composed 100% of inactive dry yeasts.  The compounds freed during autolysis are particulary positive on the sensorial profile of wine, and favour the ageing of red wines, in particular with wood.


The principal advantages of Noblesse® :

  • It develops the sensorial qualities of wines (mature aromas, volume in the mouth, sweetness, texture…)
  • It facilitates ageing: a saving in time when compared to a classic ageing on light lees
  • It limits oenological risks

An activator of fermentation, 100% yeast, Noblesse® is recommended from the onset of yeast addition in red wines. Progressively available, its compounds participate in the coating of sensations and to the balance of aromas and taste, notably on grapes harvested at advanced maturity.


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