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Oak alternatives for oenology: OENOSTAVE

Oak staves for enology: OENOSTAVE

OENOSTAVE oak staves are perfectly adapted for Super / Ultra premium and icon wines, to develop their complexity and to stablise their profile during ageing.


OENOSTAVE was developed through the expertise of SEGUIN MOREAU, world reference in oak for enology. The ICV Group has tested and selected these products for their quality and ability to meet the specific character of mediterranean and Rhone wines.


According to your type of wine and objectives, the ICV Group offers two products:

OENOSTAVE 18 mm Chêne Français - Chauffe M :  18 mm thick

OENOSTAVE Collection Fruits : French, European and American oak with different toast levels, 7 mm


The principal advantages of OENOSTAVE

  • Originality of sensorial profiles
    From fruity to woody: the direction is your choice, by adapting the dosage and length of contact time
  • Ease of use
  • Reduced costs
    In comparison to managing a set of barrels and accompanying risks of non-conformity.


Would you like to try OENOSTAVE ?

Contact your CV enology centre to find out more and carry out tests.


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