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Oak alternatives for oenology: OENOBLOCK

Oak chips for oenology: OENOBLOCK

A solution providing competitivity and quality, OENOBLOCK Chêne français - chauffe M are oak chips the size of a domino, conceived to develop woody flavours and power in the mouth in red or white wines.

They can be used from vinification to ageing.


OENOBLOCK chips are the result of the expertise of SEGUIN MOREAU, world reference on oak for enology. The ICV Group has tested and selected its produts for their quality and their capacity to respond to specificities of mediterranean and Rhone wines.


The principal advantages of OENOBLOCK:

  • complexity and power in the mouth
  • addition at the beginning of fermentation and up to the end of ageing, that encourages direct woody tones and power in the mouth
  • a style close to that produced by the barrel but at a lesser cost
  • more rapid presentation for your buyers
  • regularity of effects
     « medium » roasting allows to breathe out the oak aromas


Would you like to try OENOBLOCK ?

Contact your ICV Enology Centre to find out more and carry out some tests.

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