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Oak alternatives for oenology: OENOFINISHER

Oak alternatives for oenology: OENOFINISHER

OENOFINISHER is a range of chips dedicated to final ageing, just before the bottling or the selling of the wine. The compacted mini-logs format allows a very easy and quick result, without risk of wood dust inhalation to the users.


OENOFINISHER Original: gives spicy and moka oaky notes, roundness and structure in the mouth. It also reduces vegetal flavors when encountered.


OENOFINISHER Vanille booster: gives intense Vanilla notes in the nose, and a lot of sweetness in the mouth.


OENOFINISHER Toast Booster: gives intense toasty, spicy notes, length and structure in the mouth. It is often blended with Vanille booster to give a personal touch.


The main assets of OENOFINISHER range:

  • Earlier presentation of your wines to buyers 
  • A finishing treatment for elimination of herbaceous sensations and a substantial gain in sweetness or a touch of vanilla or toasty sensations according to the formula you'll pick
  • A quick timing: 1 week contact is enough!
  • Convenient ! The food grade infusion bag allows to control the contact time with precision
  • Hygiene and security
    No inhalation of wood dust by users
  • Low need of storage space
    Thanks to its compact form, OENOFINISHER occupies around four times less space than a bag of woodchips of identical weight

Would you like to test OENOFINISHER?

Contact your ICV enology center to discover more and carry out trials.



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