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Oak alternatives for oenology: OENOFIRST

OENOFIRST, oak alternatives for oenology

Produced by Seguin Moreau cooperage, selected and developed by ICV group, Oenofirst is a range of oak chips dedicated to alcoholic fermentation. Its compacted format is unique: it’s very easy to use, and allows a quick and complete diffusion of oak compounds during fermentation. It also avoids the risk of inhalation of wood dust by the users.


4 different types of Oenofirst are available:


OENOFIRST R00 is composed of French fresh oak. It enhance the aromatics of the wine, without oaky flavors, and gives more structure to the wines.


OENOFIRST R01 is a blend of fresh oak and toasted French oak. It reinforces the aromatic intensity of fruity notes in your wines, and develops sensations of sweetness during maceration and / or alcoholic fermentation


OENOFIRST MAXIMUS is a blend of fresh and toasted American oak. It enhances sweetness and fresh fruit aromatic notes, mixed with oaky notes of vanilla. It’s particularly efficient for structured red wine, thermo-wines, and press wines.


OENOFIRST Rosé is a specific blend of American and French oak, developed for rosés wines, after several years of development. It enhances fruity notes and freshness, without any oaky note, and it gives roundness in the mouth, length and freshness. It also allows rosé wines to age better.



The main assets of OENOFIRST :

  • Impact on aroma and roundness
    Addition during fermentation sustains fruity aromas and increases volume sensation
  • Earlier presentation of your wines for bulk's buyers
    During fermentation, 5 to 6 days of contact are sufficient to obtain the desired results
  • Consistency of effects and ease of addition
  • Hygiene and security
    No inhalation of wood dust by users
  • Low use of storage space
    Thanks to its compact form, OENOFIRST occupies around four times less space than a bag of woodchips of identical weight


Would you like to test OENOFIRST range?

Contact your ICV enology center  to discover more and carry out trials.


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