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Oak alternatives for oenology: OENOCHIPS

oak chips for enology: OENOCHIPS

OENOCHIPS is a range of woodchips selected by the ICV Group and produced by SEGUIN MOREAU. It’s dedicated to a quick ageing of wines. 3 items are available:


OENOCHIPS R02, reinforces the structure of the wine in the mouth, enhances expression of fresh fruity notes in your wines and develops balanced sensations  in the mouth. We selected this blend of french oaks of different toasts to match the specific character of Mediterranean and Rhone wines (red and white). OENOCHIPS R02 are the optimum woodchips for ageing an elegant, fruity wine.


OENOCHIPS R03 is a blend of French and American oak. It gives vanilla, toasted notes to the nose. In the mouth, it gives sweetness, roundness to the tannins, and length in the final.


OENOCHIPS EXCEPTION, is a high range woodchips, composed of fresh Sessile French oak. The best trees are selected thanks to analysis of aromatics compounds. It gives a lot of sweetness to the mouth, and it’s very respectful of the fruit of the wine.


The main advantages of OENOCHIPS :

  • Impact on aromas and roundness in the mouth
  • Earlier presentation of your wines to buyers
    Ageing of wines with a contact time of six to twelve weeks
  • Consistency of effects and ease of implementing
    The presentation with an infusion bag allows a precise fixing of the duration of contact with the wine


Would you like to test OENOCHIPS ?

Contact your ICV enology center to discover more and carry out trials.


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