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Enzyme œnologique Intensia®

For a fast and intense extraction promoting aromatic expression!

Intensia is a new liquid enzyme that accelerates the technical processes of vinification and maximizes the potential of your grapes or musts.

After 3 years of R&D, this new formulation meets producers' expectations regarding the quality of the pressing, the depectization of the musts, the power of the mud macerations, the improvement of the efficiency of the thermovinification chains and the upscaling on the classic reds.

The 5 assets of Intensia :

  • Acceleration of the technical processes: maceration on or of bourbes, thermovinification, pre-fermentation hot maceration, thermomix.
  • Rapid improvement in sensory profiles: more fruity sensations, less plant life and tannins melted into red. Intense fruity and more exotic on macerations on (or bourbes).
  • Optimization of the extraction of hard grape juice (Cinsaut, Muscat d'Alexandrie, etc.).
  • Reduced time of housing or vatting.
  • Ease of use in 1 L cans: for 25 tons of vintage or 250 hL of must or bourbes.

Complementary products

Intensia is complementary to other enzyme preparations selected by the ICV Group :

  • In white and rosé, when macerating on bourbes or pressing, Topzym FCE on grapes facilitates "smooth" extractions and helps to clarify.
  • In red on your thermovinification chains, FlashZym L meets basic needs for pulp fragility and depectization.

Our liquid enzyme tanks are going green!

The ICV Group is committed to the recycling of packaging cans* of oenological products in front of ADIVALOR’s partner.




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