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Enzyme KZYMPLUS® Blanc & Rosé FCE

Oenological Enzyme KZYMPLUS® Blanc & Rosé FCE


KZYMPLUS® Blanc & Rosé FCE is the enzyme of reference for white and rosé wines.

The added bonus that makes the difference is the organoleptic influence. KZYMPLUS® preserves all the varietal expression of aroma and taste of berries and juice in white and rosé wines.


The four principal assets of KZYMPLUS® Blanc & Rosé FCE :

  1. conservation of the varietal characteristics of grapes: intensity of fresh fruit aromas and softness in the middle of the mouth

  2. increase in yield of juice
  3. optimisation of clarification
  4. control of the colour of rosés
Did you know ?
KZYMPLUS® Blanc & Rosé is a FCE formule, that is to say purified from the activity of Cynnamoyl – Estérase. It ensures the obtention of a juice weak in vinyl precursors  – phenols that could mask the original aromas of your grapes.

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