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Enzyme TopZym® Blanc&Rosé FCE

Oenological enzyme TopZym® Blanc&Rosé FCE


TopZym® is a new liquid enzyme dedicated to white and rosé wines. Easy to use, from the moment of pressing TopZym® favours the future aromatic and taste qualities of your wines, and this with a goal of optimising economic profitability.



The three principal assets of TopZym® Blanc & Rosé FCE :

- favours the aroma and taste qualities of your wines: complexity, intensity of fruity aromas, volume in the mouth and softness.

- maximises quantities of pouring and first quality pressing.

- optimises the competitivity of your workshop.


Complentary Product:

To complement the use of TopZym®, we recommend the use of Fermaid® E Blanc, a complex nutrient based on inactive yeasts rich in sterols, specifically developped for the quality of fermentation in rosé or white wines on musts presenting deficiency in nitrogen.





Did you know ?
TopZym® Blanc & Rosé  is a FCE formula, that is to say purified from the activity of Cynnamoyl – Estérase. It ensures the obtention of a juice weak in vinyl precursors  – phenols that could mask the original aromas of your grapes.

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