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Enzyme KZYMPLUS® Rouge NC

Oenological Enzyme KZYMPLUS® Rouge NC


Priority to sensory quality !

KZYMPLUS® Rouge NC is the enzyme of reference for red grapes in vats.

It favours early extraction of the most interesting and mature compounds of the pulp and skin.



The three principal assets of KZYMPLUS® Rouge NC:

  1. the control of the sensorial profil of the wine: mature and fruity aromatic expression, volume in the mouth, length and coating of the tannic structure
  2. increases the yield of juice
  3. optimises clarification

Find now KZymplus Rouge with his New Concentration:

  • early efficacy observed from 1.5 g / qt or hl (of grapes to mature pulp, grape juice or low level of pectin juice.)
  • recommended dose: 3 g / hl or qt
Did you know ?
It favours the extraction from the onset of maceration, and before a high accumulation of ethanol, it allows you to draw the best from high-range berries.
Even if the pectinase activity remains central, KZYMPLUS® Rouge NC has also been chosen for its sensorial impact.

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