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Colour analyses

Analysis of colour Groupe ICV

Colour is now one of the primary criteria when buying wine. Mastering colour is a particularly important step in responding to consumer expectations.

The Spectrophotometer for a detailed characterisation of rosé wines

The Spectrophotometer is used to obtain an objective measurement of colour as perceived by the human eye, and that as part of a standardised definition of colour.


This measurement is a breakthrough in the control of the final colour of the wines. It makes it possible to quantify objectives and adapt the technical itineraries in the cellar.

In practice, it's a quick analysis (results within the day) requiring a small sample.

The result: a colour adapted to the expectations of your customers.


Chromatic characteristics of red wines

Contact us to learn more about the different measures proposed by the laboratories of the ICV Group: polyphenols, DO, coloir intensity and hue.

Table: colour analyses offered by ICV

Parameter Method Completion deadline
Chromametry spectrophotometry 1 day
Chromametry désulfitée spectrophotometry 1 day
OD 280 FTIR / spectrophotometry 1 day
DO 320 spectrophotometry 1 day
DO 420 FTIR / spectrophotometry 1 day
DO 520 FTIR / spectrophotometry 1 day
DO 620 FTIR / spectrophotometry 1 day
IC Foulon spectrophotometry 1 day
IC FTIR / spectrophotometry and calculation 1 day
Nuance FTIR / spectrophotometry and calculation 1 day
Test Blanc de Blanc spectrophotometry 1 day


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