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Must and wines

analysis of musts and wines by ICV

Regular monitoring by a "control plan" approach allows the monitoring of the desired development of products.

For this, the laboratories of the ICV Group offers a menu of analyses adapted to different stages in the life of the wine.

Common vinification and aging analysis

From alcohol fermentation to complete assessment of the cellar, many technical analyses are routinely performed: volatile acidity, glucose and fructose, alcoholic strength by volume, free and total SO 2, active SO 2 , total acidity, pH, colour intensity, hue, malic acid and lactic acid, polyphenols ...


The results of rapid tests

We offer various solutions for collecting your samples:

  • collection at your winery by the enologist or courier
  • collection from agreed points nearby

The deadlines for carrying out the analyses are only a half day during harvest and 1 day outside the harvest period.

Parameter Table "musts and wines"

Parameter Method Notice
Acetic acid sequential enzymatic ½ to 1 days
Citric acid * sequential enzymatic 5 days
Gluconic acid sequential enzymatic ½ to 1 days
Lactic acid (index) IRTF ½ to 1 days
Lactic acid sequential enzymatic ½ to 1 days
Malic acid (index) IRTF ½ to 1 days
Malic acid enzymatic sequential / streaming ½ to 1 days
Sorbic acid Thin Layer Chromatography / colorimetry 1 day
Tartaric acid FTIR / colorimetry ½ to 1 days
Total acidity FTIR / potentiometric titration titrimetry BBT Auto and Manual ½ to 1 days
Volatile acidity FTIR / streaming / titration / sequential method ½ to 1 days
Calcium atomic absorption spectrometry 1 day
Conformity declaration of conformity 1 day
Brix refractometry 1 day
Tasting   2 days
20/20 Density FTIR / electronic densimetry 1 day
Nutrition labeling *   8 to 10 days
Ethanal sequential enzymatic 1 day
Microscopic examination   2 days
Extract total / dry residue Calculation 1 day
FML paper chromatography 1 day
Fructose corn FTIR / sequential enzymatic 1 day
Glycerol * sequential method 5 days
Hybrid paper chromatography 1 day
Index fermentability   2 days
Density FTIR / hydrometer / electronic densimetry 1 day
Dissolved oxygen luminescence 1 day
P / alpha Polarimetry 1 day
pH FTIR / potentiometric / automatic potentiometric ½ to 1 days
Potassium FTIR / atomic emission spectrometry 1 day
Search ferro   2 days
Sucrose * sequential enzymatic 5 days
Active SO2 Calculation ½ to 1 days
Free SO2 continuous flow / sequential colour
Frantz Paul / iodometry
½ to 1 days
Total SO2 continuous flow / sequential colour
Frantz Paul / iodometry
½ to 1 days
Sodium * atomic absorption spectrometry 5 days
Sugars streaming / FTIR / IR reflectance /
titration Fehling / réfractométrie
½ to 1 days
TAV distillation and electronic densimetry or hydrometer
FTIR / IR reflectance
½ to 1 days
TAV power or potential calculation ½ to 1 days
Held in the air   2 days
Witness Control sample Constitution 1 day
Test pinking   1 day
Test HCL   1 day
Treatment ferrocyanide   2 days
Caloric value calculation 1 day
Vmax filtration 1 day

* Analyzes subcontracted

Non exhaustive list


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