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Vineyard monitoring

viticultural monitoring, vineyard expertise, vine consultancy – Groupe ICV

Monitoring of phytosanitary treatment and agronomy, training of the vine, and planting.

Knowing and understanding your vineyard better

Beginning with a study of the land, your viticulture expert will send you a regular report on the overall asssessment of the plots, the issues arising and the levels of risk.


Responding and progressing in viticultural practices 

Referring to the scientific bulletin, we will produce individualised recommendations concerning the planting plan, training of the vines, and best practice or even phytosanitary evaluations. We will accompany you in the implementation of these areas of improvement, whilst integrating the economic dimension to the technical advice.



Benefit from the expertise of the ICV

  • A permanent link with agronomic research in France and worldwide
  • Programmes of research development put into place by the ICV Group in order to test the following innovations in the mediterranean environment: mechanical pruning, qualitative irrigation, new varieties, leaf fertilisation, new technologies of measuring the quality of the grape, fertirrigation...
  • Vinification in the experimental cellar allowing the evaluation of the impact of viticultural  techniques on the quality of the vines.

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