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Harvest monitoring

consultancy on viticulture and harvest, expertise on berries –  ICV group

An expert viticulturalist accompanies you in the preparation of your harvest.

Selection of plots

Visits to your plots are made before harvesting, in order to provide an overview of your vineyard and permit you to better prepare the harvest. 

We also provide the following services: drawing up of specifications or briefs, mediation of conflicts.


Monitoring berry maturity

To allow you to optimise your organisation and planning of the harvest :

- assistance in drawing up a reference of each parcel, and a plan of sampling by cépage

- analytical assesssment : weight of berries, potential alcohol level, acidity, pH. following of acidic balance of the berry and polyphenolic potential

- dosage of assimilated azote

- proposition of a programme of harvesting based on your product goals, the health of the vines and the weather conditions.


Tasting of the berries

- evaluation of the potential quality to determine the optimal period for harvest and refine the selection by parcel


Advice on management of fertilisation

Adaptation of the organisation of fertilisation in order to reach your product objectives :

- evaluation of the harvest n-1 and advice concerning improvements

- based on the target volume for each product, advice on the timing, hourly planning, regulation, and scope of the treatment

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