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i-pilote®, tool for managing vineyard irrigation

i-pilote®, tool for irrigation management of vineyards

Evaluation of irrigation needs (soil, grass cover, programming, volume of water, blocks of irrigation…), management, prevention of hydric stress, recommendations according to product objectives.

Avoidance of hydric stress in the vine

Climate  changes, increase in temperature and decrease in effective rainfall all contribute to dimininshing yields and the development of concentrated and wines that leave a dryness in the mouth. This hydric stress can be avoided by using tools to manage irrigation.


i-pilote® anticipates your irrigation requirement

This tool for managing irrigation allows an early detection of the constraints and irrigation needs of the vine. It defines a programme (date, dose, triggering…)  for each parcel, in relation to soil and viticultural data and the aims of production.


A cost-effective and sustainable management of the vineyard

i-pilote®, a solution that offers plenty of benefits :

- regularity of yield and complete maturity of the berries

- vines adapted to the markets and to styles that can be reproduced

- sustainable management of water ressources.

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