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Oenoview® : satellite imagery for precision viticulture

oenoview satellite imaging for vines

Oenoview®  is currently the most precise and rapid technology to segmet your vineyard according the qualitative potential of each plot.


Oenoview®, aerial viticultural expertise


A procedure comprising three stages :

  1. A satellite (SPOT 5, FORMASAT) takes high resolution images of plots at the most strategic moment.
  2. These images obained as photos and in infra red are teated as maps. They measure the foliar surface of the vine in each part of the plot and present its characteristics (vigour, heterogeneity).
  3. A viticulture expert carries out a complementary visit of the plots and produces a complete report that integrates the statistics of the cartography and feedback from the terrain.teledection vignoble

Knowing your vineyard better in order to increase quality and profitability


Oenoview® allows you to obtain a precise and reliable operational mapping of your plots, and in addition indications of berry and bunch weight, water rationing, and composition of the berry in different parts of the plot.

In practice, your assessment of maturity becomes more precise, you save time in parcel selection, you reduce the variability between parcels, produce more homogenous vats, and optimise fertilisation…

Oenoview start: vegetation mapping on your smartphone

Oenoview® Start is an innovative remote sensing tool that produces a cartography of your vineyard.
Simple, competitive and pratical to use, Oenoview® Start makes vegetation maps available on your smartphone.
Discover an effective solution to increase the profitability of your parcels and improve the quality of your wines. 


Aside from the capacity of surveying your vineyard, Oenoview® Start demonstrates to your clients your commitment to take innovative measures in order to produce quality products.

The advantages of Oenoview® as reported by users

  • "Better selection of berries allowed us to increase the production of our top wines by 20%"
    Patrick Bongard, Châteaux Castel
  • "Bringing in the grapes in the correct order of maturity… placing grapes of homogeous quality  in the vats…balancing the vigour in one parcel"
    Marc Médeville, Château Fayau
  • "An undisputed aid in the organisation of the period of harvest"
    Christophe ROUSSEAU, Château Fieuzal
  • "The interest of 0enoview is to visualise those differences in vigour que that one cannot necessarily spot with the naked eye."
    François Morel, Domaine Uby

Oenoview® in the press

Oenoview® technology is a popular topic of discussion in the press!  Here are a few examples :


LA VIGNE, Avril 2011 : Mapping of parcels, Oenoview® is adopted rapidly

LA VIGNE, Décembre 2009 : Technology put to the test: satellite imagery by oenoview®

LE FIGARO, Septembre 2009 : Science: harvesting supervised by satellites

LES ECHOS, Septembre 2009 : Innovation: vineyards look to the skies for help to flourish

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