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Bottling process evaluation

Expertise on bottling by ICV Group

Whatever the choice of conditioning: BIB, screw caps, corks or synthetic corks... our expertise in sensorial analysis and in wine chemistry is put at your service to diagnose your conditioning problems.


Sensorial Analysis
(for bottles of the same batch)

Inernal Method of the ICV Group
  • for corks made of Composite Agglomerate, Micro-agglomerate or Synthetic materials, it is advisable to work on six bottles
  • for natural corks or natural agglomerate cork, it is advisable to work on 12 bottles

Halophenols and haloanisols (sst) with commentaries

  • liquid matrices
  • solid matrices (corks, wood, atmosphere traps, wood chips...)

Indice of Germs in Conditioning

Inernal Method of the ICV Group

Microbiological Study
(observation by microscope, viability and identification of populations)



Natural Search for Visual Anomaly 
(observations by microscope and macroscope, search for organoleptic faults, microbiological studies, physics and chemical analyses)
provide two bottles

Inernal Method of the ICV Group

The ICV Group carries out assessments for companies throughout France.
- In the mediterranean basin, the Ardèche and the Rhone Valley, contact your closest ICV enology centre.
- For other regions, we carry out analyses at a distance without charging transport costs (for orders over 50€).

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