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BIB® process evaluation

expertise on BIB

In order to assure the safe preservation of your wines in  Bag-In-Box® (cartons with bags), the ICV group examines the following parameters :

- dry goods - boxes

- oenological characteristics

- sensorial profile 

- good practices of conditioning

Table of parameters for BIB®


Conditioning in BIB® (Good Practices or Defect Analyses)

Observations and measures of good practices of conditioning and dry matters, analysis of defects :
-mesurement of the air cone
-effective volume of filling
-dimensions of dry materials and their suitability
-integrity of materials

Oenological Analyses :
-sensorial analysis
-Index of Conditioning Microbes
-chemical analyses 

Note : Provide at least one BIB®  intact with the tap including a seal of guarantee

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