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Bottling process evaluation

expertise on corking














Controls on Good Practice of Corking


NF B57-100 Déc 2010
NF EN 12726 : 2000
  • observation of the corking
  • observation of the corks
  • internal presssure
  • CO2 level in the wine
  • weight and humidity of the corks
  • forces of extraction
  • profile of the bottle necks
  • Complementary Service : report with interpretation








Breakage Torque controls on bottles with screw caps

  Internal method of  ICV Group

Controls on Good Practice of capping
quality of positioning of the cap, absence/presence of faults, level of filling, breakage torque

  Internal method of  ICV Group
Profiles of bottle necks


NF EN 12726 : 2000
NF H 35-029

Controls on effective volumes of filling
(price for 20 bottles, according to the reference  text – control by destruction)

  Décret 78-166 Janvier 1978

Control of capacity of empty bottles and recipient-measuring bottles
(internal and level volume, price for 35 bouteilles, according to the reference  text)

  Décret 76-342 avril 1976
NF H35-000 : octobre 1975


The Bottling and Conditioning Laboratory is accredited under n°1-0501

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