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Become a Sustainable Development Vinegrower (VDD)

Vignerons en Développement Durable, vinegrowers in sustainable development

VDD (Vinegrowers in Sustainable Development) is the unique undertaking of wine producers committed to sustainable development from the vine to the glass.
This collective undertaking was initiated by the ICV Group in 2006, involving around ten wineries concerned about sustainable development. In 2011 the scheme was awarded the Trophy of Sustainable Agriculture by the French Minister of Agriculture.
Any cooperative and private winery that wishes to commit to a responsible and sustainable method can join VDD.

How can one set out in a VDD approach?


The VDD approach rests on specifications that integrate economic, environnemental and social criteria. It is based on recognised references: ISO 26000, NF V01-007, IDEA...


The ICV experts offer an implementation in four stages:

  • training of producers and employees
  • diagnosis of the evaluation of performance of the company and vineyard
  • assistance in preparing plans of action
  • final audit of the level of performance that has been reached


The approach requires the involvement of the whole company and contributes to develop the motivation and commitment of each member, around a common project.


The VDD brand :  guarantee of  commitment to responsible and sustainable agriculture

After reaching a certain level of performance, one can use the VDD brand. In placing the logo on your bottles and visual supports, you communicate your commitment to clients, partners or public bodies.


The association for exchange of experience and the evolution of VDD

The collective brand is managed by the association Vignerons en Développement Durable, composed of member companies.

Currently over 20 businesses in the wine sector are already involved in this association, which represents approximately 1000 employees, 2000 producers and more than a million hectolitres.

Open to cooperatives and private wineries, the association continues to develop. Numerous businesses in the different wine regions of France have signed up.


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