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Tests on inertia of bottling and packaging materials

Guaranteeing the suitability for contact with food, satisfying the consumer, becoming innovative... these are examples of requirements for designers, manufacturers and users of packaging.
Numerous materials are used in the wine sector: wood, cork, plastics... and their impact on wine requires essential evaluation.
The ICV Group and 'PURE ENVIRONNEMENT' company have developped an innovative and comprehensive method of ensuring aptitude for food contact.


Our methodology rests on 3 groups of tools:


- a diagnosis of aptitude of the packaging materials for direct contact


- an evaluation of chemical inertia of the materials

  • tests of global migration: conformity of transfer of a mass of the material/wrapping/container to alcoholic beverages
  • tests of restriction on substances: conformity of substances used in the production of a material in line with the texts of specific regulations
  • research and identification of NIAS : absence of NIAS (Substances Non Intentionally Added), presence in quantities insusceptible of migrating, inferior to permitted limits or without an organoleptic impact

- an evaluation of organoleptic inertia of materials

  • sensorial tests on packaging and raw material: tests by immersion according to current AFNOR norms, in order to characterise the material before use in extreme conditions of contact
  • organoleptic tests on substances susceptible of migrating: triangular tests on wines containing excessive levels of  substances with potential migration, to evaluate their sensorial impact
  • wine tasting in real conditions of usage: monitoring conservation in bottled wines


A few examples of applications

  • Help with formulations: optimisation of the neutrality of packaging
  • Selection of new providers of films or resin
  • Validation of new extrusion processes
  • Development of criteria of compatibility of packaging according to their permeability
  • Selection of a new packaging for your products

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