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Compliance with specific requirements

analysis of conformity ICV

The laboratories of the ICV Group are accredited to deliver analysis reports with a declaration of conformity to specifications of management bodies (ODG) and inspection (OI).


The ICV Group prepares model agreements with the ODG and OI in order to define precisely and clearly the commitments of each party. The goal is to simplify considerably the logistical and administrative aspects for the totality of its clients.

Laboratory accreditation numbers : Toulouges (n°1-0517), Carcassonne (n°1-0516), Narbonne (n°1-0518), Maurin (n°1-0501), Nîmes (n°1-0185), Ruoms (n°1-0504), Beaumes de Venise (n°1-0566), Brignoles (n°1-0503) .

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