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Produit œnologique : Kiofine-B

-KiOfine®-B powder (bag for 25 hl or 250 hl)

  • Eliminates the Brettanomyces
    In more than 90% of cases, the population drops significantly, without any organoleptic impact.
  • No effect on yeasts Saccharomyces
  • Easy to use
    No heavy treatment to be used, nor specific material: it is enough to simply disperse the product in water, then in the wine.
    Use is possible from the end of the alcoholic fermentation to the breeding (including in barrels) and up to 10 days before packaging.
  • Practical packaging in a flexible bag
    Easy to use (implementation scheme on counter-label), reduced storage space, optimum preservation of the product (aluminized pouch), two sizes (dose for 25 hl and dose for 250 hl).
Did you know it ?
Brettanomyces are alteration yeasts that produce undesirable compounds in wine (sulphur compounds, volatile acidity, ethyl-phenols, etc.).
A regular monitoring d’analyses microbiologiques allows you to respond quickly in case of detection.



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