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KiOfine®-B to remove Brettanomyces

Oenological product : Kiofine-B

KiOfine ® -B is a quick and effective solution for removing Brettanomyces from your wines.

KiOfine ® -B is a natural product made ​​up of 100% chitosan of fungal origin, guaranteed non-allergenic.


The 3 main assets KiOfine ®-B:

  1. Eliminates Brettanomyces
    In over 90% of cases the population falls significantly without organoleptic impact.
  2. No effect on the fermentation yeasts (Saccharomyces)
  3. Easy to use
    No heavy treatment to implement or special equipment: just a simple dispersion of the product in water, then in the wine.
    Can be applied from the end of the alcoholic fermentation to the ageing stage (including in barrel) and up to 10 days before bottling.
Did you know?
Brettanomyces are spoilage yeasts that produce undesirable compounds in wine (sulfur compounds, volatile acid, ethyl phenols ...).
Regular monitoring by microbiological analysis allows you to respond quickly in the event of detection.


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