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Biogenic amines

Biogenic amines analyses by ICV

Biogenic amines result from decarboxylation of certain acids added by lactic bacteria. They can be responsible for disagreable odours in wine.


Method of analysis : HPLC and Fluorescence.

- individual dosage of 4  biogenic amines: histamine (Limit of Quantification (LQ) = 2.0 mg/l), putrescine (LQ = 0.4 mg/l), cadaverine (LQ = 0.4 mg/l) and tyramine (LQ = 2.0 mg/l)



A limitation of their concentration in wine is under discussion within the OIV. Nevertheless, certain countries and numerous buyers already impose a maximum content on their providers.

Histamine, which has allergenic properties, can also be the subject of separate analysis.

The ICV Group carries out biogenic amines analyses throughout France.
. for the mediterranean basin, the Ardèche and the Rhône Valley, contact your closest enology centre 
. for other regions, we can carry out remote analyses  with free delivery costs (for orders over 50€)


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