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Allergen residue

Wine contaminant Analyses : allergens

Since 1st July 2012, the regulation UE 579/2012 stipulates the rules concerning labelling of allergenic substances (casein, albumen and lysozyme) when their presence can be detected in the final product, in line with analysis methods foreseen in regulation CE1234/2007.


The ICV Group offers an immunology test of the Elisa type.

This analysis meets recommendations of the OIV relating to the threshold of detection and quantification.


The analysis is recommended for producers who wish to avoid the new constraints regarding labelling.


The certification guarantees the absence of traces of fining products to satisfy marketing companies.

Did you know ?
Casein  is an oenological fining agent used largely to counteract oxydation of musts, and white and rosé wines. No-one has found a true substitute product with equivalent properties.
Egg albumen is a fining product used to stabilise and refine the tannic struture of red wines.
Lysozyme is an enzyme, extracted from egg white, which has already been used for several years in the pharmaceutical and agri-food industries. This enzyme possesses the capacity to damage the wall of lactic bacteria.


The ICV Group carries out dosage of allergens for companies throughout France.
. for the mediterranean basin, the Ardèche and the Rhône Valley, contact your closest enology centre 
. for other regions, we can carry out remote analyses  with free delivery costs (for orders over 50€)

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